About Us and Our Equipment

We are a service company. What separates us from our competition is our dedication and commitment to service. Projects come and go, relationships remain. We've built our business and our reputation on a foundation of close partnerships with our customers… customers who rely on us. Our Goal is simple: Save our clients both time and money, while providing unparalleled execution.Our management is on-site and decisions are made quickly. Our ultimate goal is not just customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty.


Whether you need 100 business cards, 10,000 flyers, or 100,000 brochures, we're here for you! We can print whatever you need, including: multi-part NCR forms, booklets, newsletters, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, direct mailings and more!


Our mission is to work for the success of the customers we serve by providing them with quality printing and bindery services, delivered in a consistent, timely fashion, to best satisfy their needs.


Millennium Graphics can handle your entire job, from graphics to delivery.

We utilitze:

- Graphic Designers using the Adobe CS3 and CS4 Master Suite

- Facilities with two 2-color Ryobi 3200 offset presses and a full-color digital printer.

- Facilities with a 4-color Heidelberg and a 4-color iGen.

- A bindery department with cutting, collating, folding, padding, scoring, perforating, numbering, comb binding, saddle stitching, drilling, and shrink wrapping capabilities.

- Screen Printing equipment that can handle up to 10 colors

- Embroidery equipment that can handle up to 12 colors (at 13" or less) or up to 9 colors at 14 - 20"

Rest assured that we'll do what is takes to get the job done - on time, on budget, and looking great! We would be happy to provide you with a customized quote or samples of our work.



We go the extra mile to offer paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems.

Recycled paper products contain recovered fibers, which include pre or post consumer sources, or both. As a result, there are significant environmental advantages of producing recycled paper over non-recycled paper. The advantages create an eco-friendly footprint which consists of a reduced impact on forest resources, reduced air and water pollution, reduced water and energy consumption, and the reduction of solid waste.

We also incorporate the use of eco-friendly inks and solvents based on soy in our production which emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are the fumes emitted into the air from inks, solvents and cleaners as they are used or while they dry. In comparison, petroleum based inks release a much greater amount of VOCs than soy inks. Soy inks are also extremely beneficial during the paper recycling process since removing soy ink stains from paper is much easier than other artificial inks. Soy inks are easily washable and cause less damage to the paper fibers. As a result, the recycled paper is much brighter and fit for reuse. Furthermore, the waste produced by soy inks does not pose any threat to the environment and can be easily treated using modern methods.

In our continued commitment to the environment, we take every opportunity to offer customers environmentally conscious and friendly solutions by expanding our recycled paper selection while still retaining a high degree of quality.

The future of our environment depends on the choices we make today. We are thrilled to be able to provide you the choice to use recycled papers and other green products. We encourage you to take advantage of these eco-conscious choices. Together we can make a difference.


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